Final Expense and Ordinary Life Insurance
Gulf Guaranty is pleased to announce that we now offer whole life and ordinary endowment at age 100 insurance policies to cover the cost of funeral expenses, final medical expenses and other debts.

We offer a variety of plans, and premium rates are based on your age at the time the policy is issued. Once a policy is issued, your premium rates are locked in and your coverage cannot be cancelled due to age or health. Coverage will remain in effect as long as you continue to pay your premiums.

Joining our staff in this division are:
Walter J. Blessey, IV
Walter Blessey has over twenty years experience in the industry and was President and Chief Financial Officer of a leading Mississippi insurance company prior to joining the division as Consultant.

Thomas C. Conn, Jr.
Thomas Conn, Jr. has many years of experience in this field and will be joining our staff as Regional Manager of the division. Mr. Conn and Mr. Blessey previously worked together and they look forward to serving their old as well as new customers.

David Toney
David Toney joins the division after serving in a sales and IT capacity for over 19 years at two leading regional insurance companies. As Vice President pf Information Technology, David will oversee all aspects of sales, software and product implementation.

We are committed to providing the very best service and value in final expense and ordinary life insurance. Please contact us toll free at 800-248-3146 for more information regarding this valuable service.