IQ- Insta Quote Software
Features and Benefits:

The officer will now have the ability to quote any payment structure (except open end lines of credit) with credit insurance/Net term, or with no insurance. This is especially beneficial if the officer does not have the capability to quote from their current loan platform system for whatever reason. (Centralized processing for example). IQ now provides the officer the opportunity to instantly know if the loan will fall into a high price mortgage category. This is accomplished by providing a true APR as the loan rate, and term, and credit insurance, and any fees are keyed into IQ. IQ will be able to provide a true amortization schedule as well.


  • Credit Insurance premium calculator
  • Loan calculator (single pay, balloon, fully amortized)
  • Determine if loan is considered a “High Priced Mortgage” with the APR calculator
  • Amortization Schedule

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